Your blueprint for scaling a
wildly successful business
with the Storyselling method™



Build a highly-profitable brand and a life you love 
with the ultimate business Bootcamp.


24 - 26 September, 2021

Implement The StorySelling Method™ and get all the tools you need to guarantee results in your business... across one epic weekend.

  • > Build your Business Roadmap (and get crystal clear on HOW to execute your business vision)
  • > Grow your dream audience (an authentic community filled with ideal clients who love everything you share)
  • > Sell with ease, not sleaze (to a warm, connected community that can't wait to buy everything you sell – yes, really!)
  • > Scale your business with intention (to create the time and financial freedom you've always wanted)

Implement The StorySelling Method™ and get all the tools you need to guarantee results in your business... across one epic weekend.

  • > Build your Business Roadmap (and get crystal clear on HOW to execute your business vision)
  • > Grow your dream audience (an authentic community filled with ideal clients who love everything you share)
  • > Sell with ease, not sleaze (to a warm, connected community that can't wait to buy everything you sell – yes, really!)
  • > Scale your business with intention (to create the time and financial freedom you've always wanted)

"These women have profoundly impacted my approach to business."

- Emma Lambert, Founder of @luxefamilytravel

At The Entrepreneur's Bootcamp you'll...
> Build your Business Roadmap
Audit your business’ health – then implement a planning process to build systems and automations to free time and energy. 
> Create your personalised StorySelling™ Game Plan
Apply The StorySelling Method™ to your business. Leave Bootcamp with a personalised, high-performing content strategy – to generate clients, customers and cash flow from your social media without spending a dime on ads.
> Define and refine your brand
Refine your brand story, including business mission, vision, values and aesthetic. Clarify your detailed customer avatar to create targeted content that warms your audience to purchase. 
> Magnetise your dream clients and customers
Refine your offerings. Make your products and services irresistible to your ideal, high-paying customers or clients.
Create an automated sales funnel, using social media to do the selling for you. Make selling easy, scalable and fun!
> Master our unique Six-Cess formula for business success
Deep dive into the pillars that make businesses profitable and apply this insider info to crack the success code for your brand 
> Become a sales superstar – or hire your team!
Learn to slay at sales by serving your audience. Ditch the pushy, salesly B.S. Close sales, without even getting on the phone.
> Amplify your brand with a powerful business sphere
Build influential industry relationships to elevate your brand. Grow a highly-engaged following of your ideal clients. Secure your dream team, who can’t wait to execute your vision. Be accountable to an inspiring community of like-minded peers.
> Unlock an unstoppable business mindset
Learn to think like the world’s best business leaders. Ride the business rollercoaster with confidence, grace and balance. 
> Scale your business with intention
Get clear on the systems, processes and structures needed to grow your healthy, profitable business – and free your time.

"Lauren, Kait and Georgia make me better.  
Better at business, life and fulfilling my dreams. 
I love their tenacity and passion for what they do – help people!"

- Tamara Kobiolke, Founder of Numinous Luxury Travel (@numinousluxurytravelrep)

Bootcamp is for you if any of these are true:

You’ve got a ‘successful’ business but…

❌ Your business is 70%–100% reliant on you, day-to-day

❌ You’re sick and tired of 'hustling' so hard (and rarely stop to celebrate milestones!)

❌ You've got a million to-dos – without a highly-strategic plan of attack (eek...)

❌ You need to free up your time, but don't have enough capital (or team-building know-how)

❌ You wants leads to find YOU (so you can double, or even triple, your revenue!)

❌ The freedom you started your business for is more than 90 days away.

You have big business ideas but…

❌ You struggle to execute consistently enough to bring your next-level vision to life

❌ You get stalled when results don’t come as quickly as you expected

❌ You often lose focus (or get distracted by 'shiny things') – and let life gets in the way

❌ You waste a lot of time questioning yourself, instead of taking decisive action

❌ You may not say it out loud… But you’re not sure you have what it takes.


Kait Rich
Kait Rich is a master business mindset and sales expert. She built a 7+ figure company by selling organically to her combined Facebook and Instagram audience of just 5,000 (while travelling full-time!). She's the recipient of $150,000 of awards from the Canadian and Australian governments – and has helped hundreds of clients build profitable businesses with online presences and 6-figure months. 
Georgia Rickard
Described by press as a ‘master of storytelling’, Georgia Rickard is an award-winning content marketing expert and 7+ figure entrepreneur. She has worked with individual influencers, SMEs and global brands such as Nike, Apple, Accor, Virgin Australia, Nestle and Tourism Australia to successfully tell – and sell – winning social and content stories.
Lauren Bath
Dubbed ‘Australia’s first professional Instagrammer’ by national press, Lauren Bath has a decade of experience as a globally renowned social media marketing expert, who specialises in creating and converting powerfully engaged digital communities. Also a 7+ figure entrepreneur, she has been shortlisted as a finalist at Women in Business Awards.

"Working with these ladies is game changing. They've totally changed my approach to business – and I’ve got opportunities coming out of my ears."

- Cassandra Charlick, Founder of Brillig Communications (@casscharlick)

Your ticket includes

A stacked weekend of insight, inspiration and real-time action to explode your business
✔️ All-access virtual conference pass
Before the weekend ends, you’ll have implemented our experts’ step-by-step processes for business impact and income.
✔️ Our Foolproof Freedom productivity system
Unlock your productivity with a template to guide you – and your team – to consistently execute your Success Roadmap.
✔️ The Little Black Book of Content Marketing
Get exclusive access to our little black book of online tools and resources to make content creation a breeze.
✔️ Lifetime access to The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp 2021
Don’t miss a single thing – ever. Attend The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp and access the entire event recording... Forever!
✔️ Exclusive access to our digital community
Join our closed community and receive on-tap support, as you implement alongside peers and graduates who’ve been where you’re at. 
✔️ The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp Business Certification
Attend Bootcamp and action what you learn from our experts to earn your personalised graduation certification. 
✔️ Your Stratospheric Success Roadmap
Walk away with a personally-tailored, strategic Success Roadmap –your step-by-step plan to sky-rocket your business success.
✔️ Your unique StorySelling™ Game Plan
Leave with your own individualised StorySelling handbook – the blueprint you and your team need to generate conversion through StorySelling™ in your business.
✔️ The StorySelling Method™ Content Calendar
Create more content – in less time – with this strategic content calendar framework.
✔️ Lifetime access to Create & Dominate 2021
Refer back to the entire Create & Dominate 2021 event for insights, inspiration and motivation... Forever! 
✔️ Your personal copy of the official The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp course notes 
Your forever-copy of everything you learned at The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp, to refer back to whenever you need it.
✔️ Lifetime access to The Travel Bootcamp 2020 
Full access to our 2-day virtual event, showing you the secrets of the travel industry. 
Note: Due to the extended pandemic restrictions, your physical goodie bag may not reach your doorstep in time for The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp, but not to worry - you will be receiving virtual copies of everything you need in the lead up to the event.


Now, the moment you've been waiting for...

Your chance to join us!


An all-access pass to the virtual conference

Your Stratospheric Success Roadmap

Our Foolproof Freedom productivity system

Your business’ unique StorySelling™ Game Plan

The Little Black Book of Content Marketing

The 2022 StorySelling Method™ Content Calendar

Lifetime access – The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp

Lifetime access to Create & Dominate 2021

The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp course notes 

Access to our exclusive digital community

The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp Business Certification














An all-access pass to the virtual conference

Your Stratospheric Success Roadmap

Our Foolproof Freedom productivity system

Your business’ unique StorySelling™ Game Plan 

The Little Black Book of Content Marketing 

The 2022 StorySelling Method™ Content Calendar 

Lifetime access – The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp 

Lifetime access to Create & Dominate 2021 

The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp course notes US$850 

Access to our exclusive digital community 

The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp Business Certification 


This price won't last...

Future pricing – US$5,000
Create & Dominate attendees special price US – US$2,495

Pay in full today to secure your ticket at US$2,195
That’s a further saving of $300!

"Working with these women is one of the most enjoyable and productive experiences of my lifetime career journey."

- Susie Westwood, Managing Director of The Brandman Agency (@susiewestwood)

Event Schedule

Here’s what you’ll learn at The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp:

Day One: Strategic StorySelling for Profit

Roll up your sleeves – we're digging straight in. Begin implementing the StorySelling™ formula in your business, to develop your unique Game Plan and draw fresh customers or clients into your sphere and convert them. Along the way, get the shortcuts to exceptional content creation, leading to powerful audience growth and engagement, to create a client or customer fanbase that views you as an authority, expert or ultimate solution to their problem. You’ll create a deeper understanding of how to apply The StorySelling Method™ to generate clients, customers and cash flow from the social media of your business. You'll also build the knowledge to slay at sales, simply by serving your audience. Ditch the pushy, salesly stuff – you’ll even learn how to generate business or close sales through direct messages!

Day Two: Accelerated Business Mastery

Today kicks off with a deep dive into the Six-Cess principles of business success – Self, Strategy, StorySelling™, Service, Sphere and Scale – before you conduct an audit of your own business growth strategy. Identify existing challenges and upcoming opportunities, diagnose bottlenecks for growth and learn new strategies for increased revenue and profit. Upgrade your productivity with the exclusive The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp formula for success. By the end of day one, you will have unlocked an unstoppable business mindset, allowing you to think and make decisions like the world’s best business leaders – and built your capacity to handle overwhelm and ride the business rollercoaster with confidence, grace and work-life balance. 

Day Three: Stratospheric Success

Win back time and financial freedom through the tools and principles of strategic scale. Today you’ll learn how to build relationships with influential industry leaders to elevate your brand, secure your dream team (who can’t wait to execute your vision!) and learn to be accountable to an inspiring community of like-minded peers who believe in your mission. You’ll also get clear on the systems, processes and organisational structures needed to grow your healthy, profitable business – and free up your time for more important things. By the time the weekend wraps up, you’ll be inspired, excited, passionate about the trajectory of your business – and clear on the steps you need to take to achieve your business goals and ultimate life vision. BOOM.

Got questions?

We've got answers.

Who is this event for?

The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to generate profit from their business online, whether starting or scaling a business. The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp is suitable for:
> Small or medium-sized business owners

>Digital entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants

>Copywriters, publicists, marketers, agencies

>Brand managers, social media marketers, journalists, influencers, content creators

>People intending to start or scale a business

Will this event benefit me if I’m just getting started in business?

If you want to avoid the costly mistakes most early entrepreneurs make when starting their businesses, then you want to learn from the best – experts who’ve seen it all and can provide the tools and guidance you need to get your business right from the get go. Joining us at EB saves you time and money, by helping you get the knowledge and clarity you need to succeed – and dodge those easily-avoidable, but often devastating mistakes most businesses make early on!

I’m an experienced business owner… Will this be advanced enough for me?

Unless you’ve already got an unlimited supply of warm leads, an automated sales machine that turns those leads into customers/clients with ease, business revenue beyond your wildest dreams, absolute time freedom, an endlessly unshakeable business mindset, the staff/contractor ‘dream team’ AND a business you love that operates almost entirely without you… You’ve got lots to learn at The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp! (Even then, we’ve got some serious tricks up our sleeves that will surprise and delight you.)

I’m strapped for time… How will I make the time to spend 3 full days at this event?

We’ve all been there! If you’re even asking yourself this and feel like you can’t set aside three days to work on (vs in), your business, it’s likely your way of working is broken. We’d hazard a guess you don’t yet have the air-tight planning methods, automated sales and marketing systems, consistent revenue flow or adequate team to allow you real time and financial freedom. Which is exactly why you need to attend EB – so we can help you free your time, energy, and generate more revenue for your business. Let’s help you get to the point in your business where you can take a 3-day timeout, whenever, for whatever!

This feels like a big investment right now. Can I justify it?

Ever dreamed of being able to invest in what’s important to you, without having to check your bank account first?! Hire help around the house, bring on a new team member, work with an amazing coach, take the holiday of a lifetime or buy your dream home, without blinking? If someone offered you the keys to the kingdom – the tools and formula to consistently generate your dream income – would you really say no, because of a few grand, when we’re going to teach you how we make multi 6-figures in a weekend?! Instead of asking yourself what the cost of attending this event is, ask yourself what the cost is to NOT attend. We bet ‘future you’ would tell you it’s time to take a risk on yourself. (And, remember, it’s not reeeeally a risk, as we have a money-back guarantee… Plus, this is the cheapest we’ll ever offer this event!)

How do I know if this will help me?

First, we’ll make this easy for you, with a money-back guarantee, because we know our methods work. But, let’s go deeper. How much time have you spent throughout your life, hemming and hawing about whether or not something is right for you? Successful business owners are required to make big decisions, quickly, every day. Time and energy wasted by indecisiveness = lost revenue. If you’re stuck on a decision, instead of simply following your strategic plan + gut instinct combined, you need to attend EB purely so we can help you improve your process and speed of decision-making. At EB, you’ve got experts at your fingertips with decades of experience nurturing purposeful, profitable businesses… So, if you’re waiting for evidence that this will work for you (before actually attending and putting in the work), we’d ask - where else in your life and business are you waiting on answers you can’t possibly have until you’ve done the thing – and if you’re willing to practice a new way of making decisions that will actually allow you to grow your business effectively!

Should I spend more time implementing what I learned at Create & Dominate before attending The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp?

Would you get fit before hiring a personal trainer? If getting super fit were easy, you probably wouldn’t need to hire a trainer to keep you accountable and help you avoid the pitfalls most people make (like trying to lose weight with cardio, when weights burn more cals!). It’s the same with business. You attend The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp to remain accountable to doing what you already know, stop wasting time on things you think you need to do (but don’t!) – and to secure the tools and guidance you need to zip light years ahead of those going it alone. 

I don’t have a lot of followers… Is this relevant for me?

Absolutely! You don’t need millions of followers to make millions of dollars online – you just need the right followers! Our goal at The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp is to give you the tools to attract your ideal customers/clients into your social audience, so you can sell to them through authentic storytelling about your brand!

So far, I’m not seeing any return on investment and I’ve got a million other business tasks that feel more important… Is social media really the place to grow my business?

Social media without strategy = massive time suck, with no ROI! Social media for business, following our StorySelling Method™= the difference between a humdrum business and wild success! Over three days, we’ll delve deep into building meaningful relationships with your ideal customer or client that translates into direct ROI. We’ll teach you simple, repeatable content marketing, social media and sales systems that will bring cash flow into your business – and give you your time back!

I’ve already got a large following… Is this event a fit for me?

You may have a big following – but is it generating you big revenue, without monopolising your time and energy?! If the answer is no, and you want a business that truly gives you freedom, then this event will teach you the systems and processes you need to increase your revenue and reduce the time you spend working in your business.

Why is this event called a Bootcamp?

Because EB is an intense 3-day event, where you’ll be implementing what we teach as we teach it. You’ll leave the room having made important business decisions and executed on key elements of your business’ success. Show up prepared to do the work, with our expert guidance, and you’ll walk out with everything you need to enact the next level of your business vision and mission, on your terms!

I’ve attended The Travel Bootcamp… How is this different?

The Travel Bootcamp (TTB) event was one of our original offerings, teaching people to build careers around travel content. This event has been retired, so that we can ensure all business owners – whether in travel or otherwise – have solid sales, social media marketing and business skills to effectively generate revenue and free their time (so they can travel on their own terms, when they want, where they want!). If you’ve attended TTB in the past, you’ll have a great foundation to start from at The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp. At The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp, you’ll learn to execute on our StorySelling Method and business Six-Cess Pillars, to bring your business vision to life. And, as a bonus, we’ll even throw in a recording of last year’s Travel Bootcamp event!

I don’t 100% trust myself to execute on what I learn at The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp…

We’ve all been there: you go to an event, get excited about your future and make promises to yourself about what you’ll do when you get home. Then life gets in the way, you lose motivation and you break your promises to yourself (again - ugh!). Like clockwork, this will happen at 98% of events you attend in your life. Why? Because those events don’t give you the tools to make effective decisions about your business priorities with ease, break big goals into bite-sized micro actions and manage your emotions when you have that inevitable crisis of confidence (to be expected when you’re implementing something new!). The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp gives you the tools to determine the 1-3 micro tasks you need to accomplish each day to move your business forward. Remember: if you learn how to do just 1% more every day, in a year from now you’ll be 365% ahead of where you are today... All you need to do is get yourself to Bootcamp, where we’ll teach you the tools to simplify your life and business.

I haven’t yet implemented everything from a previous program… Should I do that first?

Business owners often consume too much information about how to improve their businesses – and then beat themselves up for not implementing most of it when there’s just too much to do! We’re going to let you in on a secret: most of that knowledge you’ve accumulated – while awesome – is totally unnecessary, right now, for the growth of your business. What you really need are the tools, systems and processes to make business decisions that generate more revenue and free your time! So, press pause on everything you’re ‘waiting to implement’ and come along to EB, so we can help you integrate the tools, systems and processes for freedom in real time, before you leave the event.

Do Lauren, Georgia and Kait have the expertise to guide me?

Your PHHNIX trio have a combined 50 years experience growing purposeful, profitable businesses. Kait Rich is a master business mindset and sales expert who built her own 7+ figure company, using her social media audience of just 3,000. Her expertise has now helped hundreds of clients build profitable businesses with authentic, engaged online presences and 6-figure months. Georgia Rickard is an award-winning content marketing expert and 7+ figure entrepreneur. She’s helped companies like Nike, Apple, Accor, Virgin Australia, Nestle and Tourism Australia build brands that sell, using her storytelling expertise. ‘Australia’s first professional Instagrammer’ Lauren Bath is a globally-renowned social media marketing expert, who helps businesses use storytelling to create highly engaged digital communities they can authentically sell to. If you want to build a profitable, purposeful business, they’ve got you covered.

I find sales challenging – even a little bit sleazy. Is this for me?

We’re with you – bad salespeople are sleazy. But sales doesn’t have to feel underhanded or icky! In fact, done well, sales should feel comfortable and fun for both parties (yes, we said fun!). That’s what makes The Storyselling Method™so powerful; it helps you warm prospects and have them wanting to buy from you because they have a meaningful, authentic online relationship with your brand. At EB, you’ll develop your own step-by-step StorySelling™Game Plan – and learn to ditch any discomfort you may feel around selling!

Will I have access to a recording of the event, so I can watch the content again?

Yes! You will have lifetime access to both The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp recording and a recording of Create and Dominate as well, if you’d like to review the basics of StorySelling.

Will I get as much out of the event if I can’t participate in the whole thing live because of timezones or other commitments? Is it worth doing if I’m watching the recording?

Absolutely! A link to the event recording will be accessible to you at the end of each day. You’ll have lifetime access to the recordings, to absorb all the juicy content in your own time (and ask questions in the EB Facebook group if you’d like some support to implement!). We highly recommend you pre-schedule time in your calendar to watch the recordings, to ensure you’re setting aside time to work on (vs in!) your business. Even if you have attended all or part of the event live, we highly recommend you review the recordings for learnings you may have missed.

I’ve heard about your Stratosphere program. Can I skip this event and enroll?

Stratosphere is our exclusive, ongoing business mentorship program. It’s a modern community of entrepreneurial people getting expert support, from our team, to scale purposeful businesses. At this stage, this program is only open to EB graduates (by invitation only), as the foundations of Stratosphere are built around the tools we teach at The Entrepreneur's Bootcamp.

My friends and family think I should wait until I have more success before paying for another thing… What do you think?

We get it. We’ve been on the receiving end of that good ole barrage of questions too!

>“Why invest more when you haven’t made money/enough money yet?”

>“How can you earn a living from this?”

>“Can’t you do this on your own?”

What we had to learn? Stop taking advice from people who haven’t been where you’re going!
To succeed, you’ll have to lovingly set aside well-intended ‘advice’ from friends, family (and maybe your partner!) and seek support from genuine experts who’ve been where you’re going. If someone can make millions breeding Chinese fighting fish or selling designer paper clips (ahem - Tiffany’s for $2,000!), you can sure as hell make money doing what you love, too! But to get there – faster and without making costly mistakes – you need the right sales, marketing and business tools to get the job done. And, remember, the most successful people in the world didn’t do it alone either. Oprah, Sir Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos had support, too. Just like you!

Would 1:1 coaching be a better fit for me?

Generally, one-on-one coaching is most effective after you’ve already learned the tools and strategies we teach at EB to explode your business’ growth. Up until then – for a great coach, like those on our team – you’ll be paying significantly more for that coach to teach you exactly what you’ll learn at EB (for way less money!). While it may feel like your situation is really unique and requires one-on-one support, all businesses experience the same challenges – just manifesting in a slightly different way. Seeing your own challenges reflected in other EB participants will give you a lot of clarity about what needs to happen next in your own business. Also, we’ll teach you how to navigate these challenges, so you can make business decisions with enough forethought to generate the time, money and joy you want most.

We do offer 1:1 coaching as part of our Stratosphere mentorship program. You’ll be invited to apply for this after The Entrepreneur’s Bootcamp, should you desire more individual support down the track once you’ve built strong foundations in sales and marketing.
If you’d like some additional support during the event, don’t forget that those with VIP tickets will have the opportunity to have their questions answered, live, by our support coach team and founders through Q&A sessions during and after the event.

In addition, all EB participants have access to our exclusive Facebook group, where you’ll be able to connect, network and tap on support from other like minded entrepreneurs. You never know – you just might ending doing business together!

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